Saturday, June 26, 2010

Abiola and Daniel Nigerian Wedding

"Where are all of these people coming from?" is the question I asked on the day of Abiola and Daniel's wedding. I was blown away as the night continued and the guests kept on coming on the hour. Before we knew it the guest count had reached 500. Abiola prepared me beforehand of possible unexpected guests since it is popular in her Nigerian culture. And how they love to party. She was right about that!

My photographer Jose Reyes and his staff were running around the room the entire day to capture all of the details. From the American traditions then to the Nigerian traditions.

Abiola was such a beautiful bride inside out and very pleasant to be around. All of the vendors took great joy in working with her. My makeup artist Khadeen Joseph-Ellis had a great time working to make this bride glow on her wedding day. And her hair stylist Joelle worked her hair to perfection.

Throughout the planning process, I became more than her planner, I became her friend.

Abiola chose the The Rotunda to host her wedding ceremony and reception. It was a space that captures the huge panoramic view she wanted along with a beach to hold her ceremony.

The space needed to be filled with decorations and plenty of color. I knew the perfect vendor to hire for her wedding. Patrick and Josh of City Iris was the right decorator and floral designer for her wedding. They made the venue look like royalty for this beautiful African Queen!

This was a wedding no one would forget and the memories will last a lifetime.


What's she telling Abiola to do?

Abiola serve your King!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Natalie & Keno Edwards Wedding

Usually every year, I would attend the Wedding Salon Bridal Show to meet with new vendors, to see the latest new trends and sometimes to obtain new business. While exiting the show, I met Natalie in March 2009 briefly and she decided to contact me the following week. I knew from our first meeting I would love this couple!

Natalie's fiance is in the service so you know I needed to Hold Her Hand throughout the planning process. I provided her with the best vendors to make her wedding day spectacular!

The wedding day started pretty early for the bride with a few hours of sleep. The first vendor knocking on her door was my makeup artist Khadeen Joseph-Ellis. Natalie was so full of joy as every vendor came to cater to her.

Danny of Westchester Floral Decorators provided beautiful arrangements that glowed!

Jose Reyes took some amazing shots of her wedding that captured this smiley and beaming bride throughout the day.

Harold of Finer Touch Entertainment had everyone up dancing throughout the evening.

Eddie Kantis of was able to provide us with a highlight of Natalie and Keno wedding. From the beautiful, heartfelt ceremony at Grace Gospel Church to the gorgeous reception held at The Surf Club

Thank you Natalie for choosing ICS to plan your wedding!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Candy Colored Theme Bar

Candy, Candy, Candy dream all about it!

There has been such a high demand from many of creating candy bar from clients.  I've seen gorgeous displays all around was waiting for my time to create color themed candy bar for a client's event.  It is a sugar junky's dream come true.  From lollipops, to jellybeans, chocolate and cupcakes oh my!

Wow, my time has finally come to create a large array of candy for a client.  I had a request recently to create a yellow and white color themed candy bar.  The guests loved it and I thought it would be a great idea to post it for those candy loves!  Would you say the guests really loved the display since the bar was emptied out within 30 minutes?  Hahaha I love it!