Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NELA-NY 17th Annual Fundraiser Gala by Roseni Plaza

Many years ago I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work for a boutique law firm specializing in Employment Law that has greatly blossomed. I’ve met some great people that have helped me become the planner I am now. Roseni Plaza at that time worked for National Employment Lawyers Association Referral Services (that worked in the office) providing customer service to people looking for an attorney. Today she is the leading Executive Director of National Employment Lawyers Association NELA. Talk about wow! I am so very proud of all of her accomplishments she had set out to do and look at how God blessed this woman. In light of her role Roseni has been given charge over planning their annual Fundraising Gala and guess who she asked to assist??? YEAH ME!!! Talk about reuniting but I also get to see some of my past coworkers. The event was not only a Fundraiser but they were honoring the partner Anne Golden I worked for at Outten & Golden LLP so this event was going to be special for me. This event had to be a show stopper because my girl’s name was on it. She is a person who dares to be different and she found the perfection location at Helen Mills. It is a trendy spot and something different for the attorneys to buzz about the town. The event was a success from the venue, to the dinner served and the wonderful live band. As I walked through the room the attorneys were all smiles and could not stop talking about this being their best Gala ever! I guess that was a job well done in my book! I am so very proud of Roseni of her success, the best has yet to come for you girly!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Part 2 The Planner Becomes the Bride. Dreams Do Come True...

Jenny's Day to Shine as the Planner

I was given the greatest opportunity to plan and coordinate Shanelle’s wedding. Never thought In the 4 years I've been with ICS that I'd be chosen to coordinate a wedding planner’s WEDDING.   Umm, is anyone here, did you hear me I AM PLANNING A WEDDING PLANNER’S WEDDING!  Am I ready for it???

The best phone call I had received in 2013 was "Jenny we want you to coordinate our wedding" I didn't hesitate to say yes because I was up for the challenge!  And look I was trained by one of the best planners I’ve met so I can do it.  During this time I had to make an emergency trip back home to Florida and my biggest concern was how was I going to pull this off, “It’s my friend’s wedding” yet alone a WEDDING PLANNER”S WEDDING to be clear.   With great and extensive support from her bridal party team and my brides understanding, I knew we would pull this day off with ease.  With much planning and I mean a lot of planning (this girl sent us all a thorough breakdown of responsibilities since July of 2013), emails (novel lengths, LOL), texts and phone calls I kept my bride on her toes as she also kept me on mines. This day couldn't come any faster.

The night before the wedding I created work space stations for the hair and makeup artist arrivals for the next day since I was staying with Shanelle overnight.  Everything had to be run smoothly so everything needed to be set in action.  On October 11, 2014 at 6 am Shanelle Walker the Wedding Planner turned bride had breakfast ready for the wedding party and I was ready to start the day. Then that's when I knew reality kicked in I was going to coordinate this day a wedding planners wedding. This was a moment that became true for the both of us. with the morning laughs, a beautiful breakfast spread my bride was on the go to walk down the aisle.

The sky was grey, rain was drizzling but my bride was dazzling and said “those drops are blessings from the Lord”. She was not moved by the weather and it showed in her face.  We planned to have a beautiful ceremony outside on Liberty House's courtyard but due to the weather, the banquet manager setup the space inside.  Talk about that setup they created. They were able to captivate the beautiful NYC backdrop inside.  We were sheltered inside with a romantic setup from our very own Patrick and Josh of City Iris. My bride wanted her wedding to give the feel of family and that's what her and her groom received.

Before the ceremony began, I had my own personal time with the bride as we watched the guests come in from the balcony. Those were her last few minutes as a single woman and I was able to share that time with her, even Manny came in to steal a few minutes with our little bride.  This time I was able reminisce of all the times we’ve stood there with past brides and to see Shanelle taking the same moment was memorable and exciting.  I was so blessed to be a part of it all with Rochelle.

My bride was looking radiantly beautiful and my groom dapper in his dark navy suite which was Italian made. You felt the peace of God throughout the atmosphere and I just basked into the moment. And let's not forget Ms. Shamymy.  This day was just as important to her because she was going to see her mommy get married to the man the Lord revealed to her in a dream. Seeing them altogether uniting as a family made my heart float.  She even had her time to shine with a special choreographed dance to Annie's "Together at Last" that almost brought a tear to my eye.

Tree stump centerpieces, colors of pinks, greens & blues florals and decorations surrounded the space, sweet potato Pies, and massive selfies filled our reception. Love and warmth filled our guests. It felt like a big family dinner with surprises throughout the night I couldn't miss to mention the 'Hot Seat' game Shanelle created for her guests, she wanted a taste of what other married couples did to show their love to one another. Congrats to our winners for keeping it spicy for my bride and groom in a different angle, wink wink!

The Selfie Crazes!  I love my Selfies!

Even the wedding clients get in on the action. Gotta love those selfies!

Aww, my Bula and Tundra, smile for Titi's camera phone. Let's say Selfie!

I barely wanted the day to end because everything ran so smoothly and I was so happy for my friend/bride.  They are a true testament of “He Who Finds a Wife, Finds a Good Thing” and I can assure you that Shanelle is that good thing.  And the love is real between them both and you felt it throughout the event through every smile, every kiss, and every photograph by Jose Reyes and through their love for people.  It was a blessing to bear witness to this day and I am thankful to be able to run the event and for you both entrusting me for such a big job. 

Rochelle Turner is assisting the big event of the year
On October 11th, I served as an Event Assistant for another special ICS wedding. I worked closely with Jenny Dolcine, the Event Coordinator for the day. As always, our synchronization, communication, astute attention to detail and satisfaction of our bride, groom and guests was at its best. However, this wedding was not like any wedding we’ve ever done.  Our bride this Saturday was an accomplished wedding planner – ICS’s own founder, Miss Shanelle Walker herself! It was both an honor and a pleasure to serve on of the wedding staff on Shanelle’s big day. In my 3 years with ICS, I learned so much about wedding planning and coordinating; I could not imagine a better way to put my training to use than to provide the same caring, attentive service that both Shanelle and her clients had come to expect.  

The Bridal Party is excited

GQ magazine is calling

Yeah, I get to help Shanelle get dressed with her mom and daughter

LeAna is making sure the earrings are in

Jessica is making sure the veil is on right

Joel is having fun with the bride

The bridal party needs to be on the cover of a magazine

Oh look at Derrell!

Derrell is patiently awaiting his bride

Liberty House views

OMG Patrick, this is gorgeous!  You never fail to amaze me with your talent

This is so different to have a guest tree signing board

These sweet potato pies were a great idea for the guests. They absolutely loved them

Shanelle's parents are so proud

Ms. Walker loves Derrell. What a way to start a marriage!

That view is breathtaking

Shanelle wanted to make sure she included a bit of tradition of jumping the broom. The past is behind them and the future is ahead of their lives.

Liberty House is absolutely gorgeous.  Great pick Shanelle and Derrell

I see Patrick did his thing with the designs

Oh wow the cake matched their theme.

ICS surprised the couple with engraved knives.  Me likey!

The Groomsmen Italian made Suits were tough!  

I loved the bridesmaids WTOO dresses. I would wear that!

Aww, Shamiah is really so excited to see her parents together

Just look at that backdrop and Shanelle's Dress

Such love in their eyes!

Linda traveled far to speak a blessing over the family

Mama Roxy spoke a blessing with such power over the family!

Fabienne gave a powerful blessing over the family

Shamiah is the Junior Maid of Honor and her speech had me speechless!

Armand had me rolling, umm dude but the bathing together part I'm lost#$%

Shanelle's Dad had me cracking up throughout the wedding

Derrell and his mom were so cute

Daddy and me First Dance

Annie's Together At Last, Together Forever!

Aww, I just love their relationship!

Umm, cake where's Manny?  LOL.

Aww, so sweet they included Shamiah!

The Hot Seat Game Begins...

These folks don't know what they got themselves into...

The guests were in an uproar with laughter

Say what??? Did that really happen???

Who should win?

Sorry folks but we can't show you those photos.  Too much was going on.  You had to been there for yourself!

Shanelle's Church Family

I'm having so much fun and my Bula is a married woman now!