Friday, September 30, 2011

Cassandra Moussignac & Junior Bonhomme Wedding

My past employee and dear friend Normel Jean Pierre referred me to Cassandra. Since she had experience of working with the couple, she knew Cassandra needed some help. When I met with Cassandra, she had one of those sweet spirits that caused you to do anything for her. Cassandra and Junior were both thankful for ever piece of help or advice. The one thing I loved about the couple were their dedication towards putting God first in everything. It was important for them to hold their ceremony at their home church Christian Cultural Center. Even though the reception at Leonard's was held in Long Island they did not want to have a disconnection from feeling the presence of God right at home.

The wedding day was beautiful and the couple united with their family and friends in celebrating a special gift from God "marriage".

Thank you Cassandra and Junior for having me be a part of it.

The Vendors of Service

Ceremony - Christian Cultural Center
Reception - Leonard's of Great Neck
Photographer and Videographer - Chris of Rendezvous Wedding
Florist - Wick's Florist
Make Up - Natasha Denis
Limo - Royalty Limousine

Friday, September 9, 2011

Unbreakable Joy of Betty and Garnel Wedding

Lots of love, lots of joy and tons of laughter was shared between Betty and Garnel.  I would light up with great joy by every phone call I would receive from my couple. Whenever there was a need, I was there to fill it. I remember the countless calls I would have with Betty and they would end "Shanelle you need to call your boyfriend to go over his list of duties". Her fiancĂ© Garnel's nickname was boyfriend because he would be so charming by delaying his duties at the scheduled time.   Eventually, Garnel completed all of his assignments and my Betty was well pleased.

The wedding day was full of heat and passion.  You could feel the temperature rising between Betty and Garnel as she graced her way to the altar and then exited the church with her man Garnel.  She was a married woman now and I was so proud of boyfriend because he did a good job at keeping that smile on his wife's face. It was so sad for me to end the service because I had so much fun with this couple but my joy returned when Betty and Garnel called me together to let me know they were pleased with the service and they would never forget me.

Vendors of Service
Ceremony: Presbyterian Church of Garden City
Reception:Sand Castle Caterers
Photographer Joshua Dwain
Videographer Emotion Pictures
Florist City Iris
Deejay: Diverse Entertainment
Photo Session Location: Nassau County Museum of Art
Hair Stylist: GStar
Makeup Artist: Natasha Denis
Limo: Designer's Limo
Pianist: Silvio Delis Jr.