Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interchangable Styles with One Dress

Pretty Girls Rocks and this pretty girl rocked this dressed! I love to dress up for any event especially weddings. I rarely have the opportunity to attend a wedding as a guest so I try to look for dresses that accentuate my body type due to my height and hourglass figure.
I remembered one of my past clients found a designer through Etsy that designed her convertible bridesmaids dresses. I decided to contact Charissa Goerge from Etsy for a dress. It was pretty short notice but she had the perfect dress for me.

The dress wowed many of the guests once I walked into the ceremony area. Also GStar did my hair and makeup to add to my look for the day.  I decided to order another dress for future events. This is a must have items for every woman because you can change it into 13 different styles and quite cost-effective.
Below are some photos that were caught of me at Normel’s Wedding on September 14th. I was able to move freely around the wedding in style.

So please enjoy the photos.

Dress Designed by Charissa Goerge

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Start of Something New

I thought it was about time to put a little twists to my blog postings. You've heard endless love stories of my past couples from our initial meetings then to looking for vendors and lastly you've received a glimpse of their wedding day from beginning to end. Every story is personal and unique but they are easily written. Now, this post will be the start of something, finally it's about me and my family.
I would love to introduce you to my lovely daughter Shamiah and my wonderful boyfriend Derrell.
We were blessed to had worked with one of my favorite photographers Susan Shek. She's such a joy to work with.  I knew she would be able to capture us in our true essence. There every image she captured our joy and love for one another. We were able to be ourselves and just have fun despite the freezing temps. There were plenty of teeth shattering that day. Lol.
Some of you have met my little assistant Shamiah on some appointments (from dress shopping to venue meetings) and some have heard about Derrell in conversation but I thought what better way to show them off is by having a family shoot. This is another side of me I wanted to show you and how I love my family.

Derrell has been everything Shamiah and myself have prayed for and we look forward to what God has in store for us.  There is more to talk about but I leave that for another day...

To be continued until...the engagement!

All photos by Susan Shek

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Connections of Fentyshia and Lamond Daniels

From time to time, I browse through my past emails to kindly ask about their wedding process planning of past potential clients that inquired of my services.  This particular email I received a delightful response from Fentyshia of my day of coordinator support.  Many times a friend or a family will offer support for a wedding but easily something else can come up that would be of more importance.  It’s best to go with a professional because our top priority will be you and your event.

As Fentyshia met with me, I immediately dived right into every detail of her wedding.  Working with the Fentyshia and Lamond felt like old time friends.  The wedding turned out beautiful and the connection we formed could not be separated.

Thank you Fentyshia and Daniel for choosing me to coordinate your wedding,

Photographer and Videographer: Brooks Memorial
Church: Peter of VESA Photographer
Reception: Westbury Manor

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jin-Li and Omar the New Version of Bonnie and Clyde

Jin-Li was the epitome of a ride or die chic (ebonics definition: a woman that will represent and support her mate) by being on Omar’s side whenever he needed her.  Omar is in good hands of being taken care of by this beautiful woman.  They were a really cool couple that enjoyed having fun and making you feel at home in their presence.  Jin-Li was the serious while Omar was the comedian.  How can I be focused when Omar constantly threw in some humor to balance out the conversations?  They made all of their planning easy by doing it together.  I believe it’s the best way to go by staying in communication well through every decision to make the wedding of their dreams come to life.  With the help of Josh and his creative eye, we were able to see the spark between them through every image.  The day was amazing it was sad to say goodbye to such an amazing couple.

Thank you Jin-Li and Omar for choosing us to plan and coordinate your wedding!

Vendors for the Day

Photographer: Joshua Dwain
Deejay: Diverse Entertainment
Florist: City Iris
Photo Booth:DG Events
Hair Stylist: Miah Farah Beautique
Vocalist: Chris Jackson
Violinist: Jeremy Street