Monday, November 12, 2012

The Start of Something New

I thought it was about time to put a little twists to my blog postings. You've heard endless love stories of my past couples from our initial meetings then to looking for vendors and lastly you've received a glimpse of their wedding day from beginning to end. Every story is personal and unique but they are easily written. Now, this post will be the start of something, finally it's about me and my family.
I would love to introduce you to my lovely daughter Shamiah and my wonderful boyfriend Derrell.
We were blessed to had worked with one of my favorite photographers Susan Shek. She's such a joy to work with.  I knew she would be able to capture us in our true essence. There every image she captured our joy and love for one another. We were able to be ourselves and just have fun despite the freezing temps. There were plenty of teeth shattering that day. Lol.
Some of you have met my little assistant Shamiah on some appointments (from dress shopping to venue meetings) and some have heard about Derrell in conversation but I thought what better way to show them off is by having a family shoot. This is another side of me I wanted to show you and how I love my family.

Derrell has been everything Shamiah and myself have prayed for and we look forward to what God has in store for us.  There is more to talk about but I leave that for another day...

To be continued until...the engagement!

All photos by Susan Shek


JoAnne Sayers said...

What a gorgeous family showing pure happiness and love!!! I wish you all the happinesd in the world and def look forward to the engagement!!

God bless you and your beautiful family ... the photos are beautiful!

Susan said...

I really enjoyed hanging out and photographing your beautiful family. Thank you for being so sweet and braving the cold weather! xoxo

Anonymous Beauty said...

This made me smile! Beautiful!

simcha24 said...

Eeeeek! So excited for you. You guys look so amazing together. We pray great things into your life Shanelle because you are so awesome. Keep us posted! Love Betty and Garnel

Mrs. Stobbs said...

Tears!! So happy for you and your family..... Awww more tears!

Alelia said...

I love it! I'm so happy for you all:)
Love, Alelia

Grace said...

What a lovely family. Shamiah is just beautiful, I can see the strong mother daughter resemblance. Derrel is very handsome and what wonderful smile. Susan did a great job as usual capturing your happiness. Congratulations!

Lizette said...

Congrats! All of you look amazing in these pictures. I can see the love shine through. God bless your family!