Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interchangable Styles with One Dress

Pretty Girls Rocks and this pretty girl rocked this dressed! I love to dress up for any event especially weddings. I rarely have the opportunity to attend a wedding as a guest so I try to look for dresses that accentuate my body type due to my height and hourglass figure.
I remembered one of my past clients found a designer through Etsy that designed her convertible bridesmaids dresses. I decided to contact Charissa Goerge from Etsy for a dress. It was pretty short notice but she had the perfect dress for me.

The dress wowed many of the guests once I walked into the ceremony area. Also GStar did my hair and makeup to add to my look for the day.  I decided to order another dress for future events. This is a must have items for every woman because you can change it into 13 different styles and quite cost-effective.
Below are some photos that were caught of me at Normel’s Wedding on September 14th. I was able to move freely around the wedding in style.

So please enjoy the photos.

Dress Designed by Charissa Goerge

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