Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NELA-NY 17th Annual Fundraiser Gala by Roseni Plaza

Many years ago I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work for a boutique law firm specializing in Employment Law that has greatly blossomed. I’ve met some great people that have helped me become the planner I am now. Roseni Plaza at that time worked for National Employment Lawyers Association Referral Services (that worked in the office) providing customer service to people looking for an attorney. Today she is the leading Executive Director of National Employment Lawyers Association NELA. Talk about wow! I am so very proud of all of her accomplishments she had set out to do and look at how God blessed this woman. In light of her role Roseni has been given charge over planning their annual Fundraising Gala and guess who she asked to assist??? YEAH ME!!! Talk about reuniting but I also get to see some of my past coworkers. The event was not only a Fundraiser but they were honoring the partner Anne Golden I worked for at Outten & Golden LLP so this event was going to be special for me. This event had to be a show stopper because my girl’s name was on it. She is a person who dares to be different and she found the perfection location at Helen Mills. It is a trendy spot and something different for the attorneys to buzz about the town. The event was a success from the venue, to the dinner served and the wonderful live band. As I walked through the room the attorneys were all smiles and could not stop talking about this being their best Gala ever! I guess that was a job well done in my book! I am so very proud of Roseni of her success, the best has yet to come for you girly!

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