Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sophy and Link's Wedding

When duty calls ICS is off to the rescue! We had the wonderful opportunity to rescue Sophy and Link three days before their wedding day. I received an email inquiry from Sophy looking for a day of coordinator that week. I assigned my assistant Jenny Dolcine to coordinate the wedding with the assistance of Normel Jean Pierre. This time you will hear about the wedding from her views. The ceremony and reception was held at the Harold Pratt House in NYC. From this wedding I was able to build a great relationship with their photographer Miana Jun. My team enjoyed working with her and she captured some beautiful pictures of the couple go check out her website.

Here’s Jenny’s Thoughts of Sophy and Link’s Wedding

I love to see the unity of two cultures becoming one in Love. This was a beautiful winter wedding held at the Harold Pratt Mansion, where Sophy was to wed the man in her life Link. Their enthusiasm of the big day was made known through the entire night. As I worked with Link and Sophy, I saw the bondage between them were unique.

But with crisp planning, this day couldn't go unmentioned. Their family oriented guests brought shine into the windows of the mansion. Everyone’s hearts sparkled when Sophy and Link said their “I Do's”. Two families became one with the presentations of Norwegian and UK style dishes to fuse their cultures together.

After good laughs and good eating, the two families joined together for some Norwegian cake, and banana pudding which was a tradition for the couple. To top off the evening, the couples decided to have some good old fun doing their favorite KARAOKE! Yes they booked a karaoke singer and everyone enjoyed the good music and dancing with the couple.

With such a magical evening, the night was ended with love, laughter and much joy.

Congratulations Sophy and Link we wish you best with entering a new life together!

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