Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bernoullie & Kim Wedding

On my way home from a client meeting, I received a phone call from Bernoullie in need of some assistance towards planning her wedding. My make up artist Desiree of Elegant Faces by Desiree gave her my contact information. Bernoullie had a clear vision of what she desired for her wedding but it wasn’t coming out as clearly until she met with me.
At our first conversation then to our first consultation meeting I knew Bernoullie would be wonderful to work with. She has a great eye for detail and beauty as you will see captured by Nick Carter Photography throughout the wedding.

Bernoullie just like me loved butterflies and wanted to incorporate it into her wedding. My wonderful stationary designer Erin of DFMI Designs put her creative mind to work with the various layouts of designs. The butterflies gave Bernoullie’s wedding a serene feel.
On the wedding day, I had butterflies in my stomach making sure all of the vendors were running on time, every detail was executed and that Flowers by Topaz filled the arrangements with accents of butterflies at Westbury Manor. Desiree made sure Bernoullie’s makeup was glowing as she met her fiancĂ© Kim at the altar of St. Joseph Church!
The wedding was a success and to top it off the wedding ended with a guest performance in recognition of Michael Jackson birthday.

Take a look and enjoy!

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