Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I was asked a few weeks ago what does a wedding planner or wedding coordinator do on the wedding day. I thought it was a great question. After everything you’ve planned from the wedding colors, to the flowers, meeting with vendor after vendor, going over details with the wedding venue, you are going to want to relax and not worry about those details. Who can you trust to take care of those details that are so important? We are there to take care of all those details by managing your wedding day, managing the vendors, lining up the wedding party and more. Every detail is handled professionally so you can enjoy your big day! And we are so very proud to be Rated by Wedding Wire of providing excellent services to our clients.

I thought it would be helpful to give you a slight glimpse of the day with a few behind the scene photos of a few of our past weddings. I wish we could put them all up but there are too many great weddings that were beautiful as the couples we’ve built wonderful friendships with throughout the years!

The events below are from
Stephanie & Brian Boncy Wedding
Paula & Thomas Dunbar Wedding
Sylvia & James Legerme Wedding
S Marks the Spot by Silas Lavino
Fatema & Milton Miah Wedding
Kimya & Daniel Manning Wedding
Abiola & Daniel Anugwo Wedding
Natalie & Keno Edwards Wedding
Mandy & Dave Taggart Wedding

All of the Photo Credits go to the following photographers:

David Myles
Joshua Dwain
Martin Willard
Jose Reyes
Chet Frohlich
Chris Bryan

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