Sunday, August 21, 2011

Destined to Be Jinan Sumler and Julian O'Connor

Talk about a couple predestined to be together.  I was amazed by Jinan's love story around the world of their many encounters and how God united these two together.   I am such a mush for love!  With Jinan’s permission I was able to share with you their lovely story.  Their first casual sighting was in 1997 at a “Teach for America” training facility inside of Moody Towers in Houston, Texas.  They only exchanged a few words not knowing this would later meet again.  The second encounter was in 2006 at a birthday party in Brooklyn and Jinan and Julian recognized one another and went the next step by exchanging business cards.  And you would think through those two encounters they would of got the hint but yet no avail there was no communication between these two.  Until the “third time” arose under the Tuscany Sun at a castle atop rolling hills outside of Florence, Italy both Jinan and Julian were vacationing with their friends not realizing they would meet again thousands of miles away.  This time they could not resist to engage in conversation.  They couldn’t escape destiny especially when they realized they both shared something in common “a Tattoo”.  Yes they both shared the same exact one of a West African Adinkra symbol called “Gye Nyame”. It has few meanings, but it is worn to represent respect for the power of God.  And can you believe they both received this tattoo the same year?  See how God joined these two people miles away and gave them various signs for them to finally submit to LOVE!

The wedding was beautiful and displayed great aspects of their culture. I adored the beautiful violin music played by Jeremy Street. Jinan and Julian were always fun and pleasant to work with along with their family and friends!

Please check out the fabulous photos taken by David Kim. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and his team. He captured the joy Jinan feels through every photo that made my heart rejoice as I viewed every image. I loved it!

Congratulations again to Jinan and Julian you were a pleasure to work with! And continue to keep on smiling in the years to come.

Vendors of Service

Photographer – Dave Kim
Ceremony and Reception – The Grand View
Photo Session – Locust Grove
Florist – Flowers by David Anthony
Deejay – Soulful Sounds
Violinist – Jeremy Street
Hair - Natasha Paul
Makeup - Miyako J

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M. Skye Holly said...

There is something different about this couple that distinguishes them among the other couples that ICS has done weddings for. You have definitely had your share of wonderful, entertaining couples but there is something very mature about this couple. They seem very settled emotionally...I guess that comes with running into each other from state to state and then across the country and overseas. They did all of that to find that there was ''no place like home'' and nobody for them except each other. Lovely story.