Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lanre & Lola Olla-Olukitibi Nigerian Wedding

Within a few months I was contacted by one of my vendors Adewole regarding a client that needed help with her final details.  Lola Olla had the vision but needed some help on putting it together. She had a very sweet spirit and a burst of excitement would pour out of her when she completed a task.  Lola was always on the go from meeting to meeting and carefully made sure her family was involved throughout the process.  So when we met, we went through every detail for hours. Through every African wedding I have planned or coordinated I've grown a deep respect for their culture. Family is very important and to see the guests honor the parents is marvelous.

The wedding was beautiful and I thank you Lola and Lanre for allowing my team to coordinate such a special day.  Shout out to Jenny Dolcine for coordinating the bridal preparations and the ceremony!

Services of the Day
Ceremony: Christ Apostolic Church
Reception: The Royal Indian Palace
Photographer: Ola Akanbi Photography
Videographer and Deejay: Adewole of First View USA Studio

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