Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch What Really Happens Behind the Scenes 2011

It’s pretty interesting to see what really happens behind scenes for each wedding. This year we were constantly running.

Each year as I go through many images, I begin to think about the funny moments and the many dresses I had to repeat because many of my couples loved the same colors (“PURPLE”). I think the cleaners held one of my purple dresses hostage because every time I go they can’t seem to locate it. So please excuse me if you see the same dresses repeated. Maybe you can help me retire them for 2012! Hahaha! Oh and you won't ever get tired of seeing my staff Manny, Jenny, Lizette, Cynthia, Rochelle and former employee Normel.

You'll also capture some shots of our wonderful vendors.

I have no idea what I was laughing about but it sure was funny!
Manny always takes great care of the brides
What's on the Agenda for this wedding?
Hey we know you of Josh and Anyeka of Joshua Dwain
Thank you Stak for the amazing photos!
When Natasha touches your face, it just illuminates with beauty

Hold onto me Betty as we get you in that dress
We have to make sure you are secure Betty

Garnel we need to get you to the photo location
I see Chris the videographer wanted to be in the picture too
Chris is one of the most entertaining Emcee of Diverse Entertainment.  He'll rock it out.
Jenny, I need to go back to the hotel to get the favors. You must take charge.

Oops we need to get that signed right away

GStar has those magic fingers
Pretty girls Rock!!!
My work has been completed!!!

Jenny, please help zip up my dress
Jenny, hold my dress please

This is what I look like on 4 hours of sleep
Shanelle, tell me what time should be done with hair and makeup
Shanelle is opening the door for the bride's surprise gift!
It's for me???

Oh Ricardo, this is a really nice gift!!!
Jenny is escorting Natasha to the limo.
Manny calming the bride down before she makes her grand entrance
I think I've seen just about everything!
Listen here bro that's my daughter.  Leave some imagination!

Yes I'm wearing a Gele.  I have been adopted!

Bowing before royalty!
Go head Rose!

Working, working, working!
Team ICS knows how to have fun!

Jeremy is nice with the violin!

There goes Chris the Emcee.  He knows how to party!
We have one more hour to go.
Does this picture look familiar?

This is what a room really looks like in the beginning
My lovely GStar is at work again!
Oh no they forget to take her rollers out.  Me and the bridal attendant to the rescue!
Momma Davis we need to finish buttoning her dress
Let's adjust that part of your dress

Do you need help with your speech?
I had to catch a photo opportunity with my friend. Wow, I'm short!
Chad you can't catch me off guard in pictures
Hey Patrick! Who doesn't love you and your work.
Oh no I was caught dancing!
Ooh what is going on here?
Yes boy you're going to get it good!
Okay now, 4 year olds don't belong on this line of men

Patrick, makes everyone dream come true with one bride at a time!
Oh boy the dad wasn't here for rehearsal.  I hope he get it right.
"Just keep on walking to the altar"
He's too cute!
Oh shoot she came up the elevator before I can run back there in four inch heels!!! Can't be cute running in these things!
Stop, I need to fluff out your train Alonia! Now, go!

Normel, can you help me get up? I think I'm stuck down here.
Normel, is caught in the background looking at the cute fireboy!

Oh don't forget I have your bouquet after you finish dancing
I'm talking to the girls on my radio, "we need an extra fork girls"!

We know how to have fun at a wedding with the guests too!

GStar is working again with us.  Yeah!  Make me pretty!

Oops you caught me steaming Alelia's dress
Jenny, I'm in the bridal suite while the bride's eating

Jenny line up the guys correctly

"Shanelle, come in the bride has entered the room"
Hey deejay make sure this comes next

 GStar in her element
 We have to make sure every wrinkle is pressed

 Manny is here to receive you
 Okay limo driver, it was my job to escort her

 We always have our eyes on you from a distance

Hmm, what's next on the timeline?

Wait is that Jenny and Manny dancing in the background?
Oh yes it is them dancing.  Caught on film! LOL.
Jenny, is he going to breakdance?
Uh-oh I think he's going to break his master moves! LOL.

The photographer rocked out their photos! Totally!

 Hi everyone, I'm Manny!

 We must fluff out the train!
 Ahh, she looks lovely!

 Manny is doing what he loves, taking photos for the guest book
Sorry Susan Shek we are taking over your job with instant photography!
 Yes we are bustling her dress
 Rochelle, I can't find all the matching numbers!!!

She's loving the first hand attention! Can't you see it in her eyes?
Ah ha! I'm all bustled and free to move around!!!
 Is that Manny in the Background being paparazzi
I had to save the best for last.  We had a blast with you and can't wait for more smiles in 2012!!!


Susan SHek said...

I love it! Thanks for adding my photos of Ndidi + Vincent. You are the best!!!! xoxo

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erin said...

They look like so much fun! But, oh, what a huge amount of work it takes to make the magic happen!

Josh said...

Nice!!! You had a busy 2011. I pray the successes spill over to 2012 and beyond!