Friday, April 6, 2012

Refreshing Time Spent with Toyin and Dayo

It's always refreshing to have a couple dedicated to working together towards their wedding. It shows the value of team work in their relationship and it is a great way to enter a marriage together. This couple wanted to make sure nothing was missing. Even with Dayo's work schedule and Toyin finishing up her last year of law school they managed to get everything done. I was so amazed by Toyin's determination of completing her examinations the day of her rehearsal then to arrive refreshed. Most people would have taken a semester off the last few months towards their wedding to focus on the details. However, Toyin was unmoved by the circumstances around her because she had a great team of vendors along by her side. Toyin and Dayo were very personable and loving couple along with their wedding party. For such a loving group I decided to contract Lekan of Just Say the Word services as a personal Concierge for Dayo and the groom's party. On the wedding day many of us focus on the bride while getting ready but the groom needs help as well. Dayo appreciated the service and was looking for Lekan to stay the entire night.

The wedding day was wonderful. There was nothing but joy in the air. There was a bit of a twist at the catering hall Leonard’s. They served the menu from Leonard’s then later on in a separate hidden section of the room they revealed an abundance of Nigerian food from an outside caterer (Tropical Grill) for their guests. Did you hear me when I said it was joy in the air? I know how Nigerians love to eat and there were plenty of leftovers to be packaged to go. Now, this couple knows how to take care of their guests.

Thank you Lola Olukitibi for referring Toyin to us (A picture at the end of Lola and Lanre). Thank you Toyin and Dayo for allowing us to coordinate your wedding. We pray for continued increase and blessings to overflow in your lives.

Ceremony: North Shore Community Church
Reception: Leonard's of Great Neck
Hotel: The Andrew Hotel
Photographer: Ola Akanbi Photography
Videographer & Deejay: First View USA
Florist: Wick's Florist
Caterer: Tropical Grill
Personal Concierge: Lekan of Just Say the Word

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