Friday, August 3, 2012

Andita Caesar & George Clarke Carribean Flavorable Wedding

One day I received an email from my dear friend and vendor Patrick of City Iris.  He had a bride whom resides in Altanta, Georgia but was planning her wedding in New York.  She definitely was in need of some assistance.  However, I was going to be on vacation that weekend but I had someone perfect to do the job who I would love to say can handle the fort while I'm away.  So Jenny was there to the rescue.  I assisted Andita on some planning and last minute arrangements for her guests.  Anything she needed I made sure it was being taken care of before I left for my vacation but the day of Jenny was there for her rescue!  I decided to take a different direction by allowing her to write up this blog of her experience while working with this lovely bride Andita.  Thank you Tim Ryan Smith for the lovely photos and to Patrick for the referral!

Andita and George are the Couple that Sparkled at their own wedding, with their Authentic personalities and Bling smile. They threw a WOW event for their guests. Meeting Andita for the first time was like meeting a Queen, and her King George long awaited her to be by his side. She had such an amazing personality and we hit it off great on the wedding day! I enjoyed prepping the bride, the groom and the bridal party on this day. I had to make sure that my bride was ready to meet her Husband and that they were going to kick off an amazing day Right. As Andita walked down the aisle and to see the grin on George’s face, at that very moment I knew they had entered the Beginning of something that would never end.

A day in Long Island with Andita and George felt like a Day in Jamaica! They were ready to show out on the dance floor with their Caribbean elements. My couple turned their wedding into a night of festivities and boy was I amazed by the various styles presented by the bride. Andita changed from Dress #1 to a Elegant Dress # 2 to enjoy dancing with her father and to move around for the photo-shoot around the Venue. George on the other hand turned his Black Tux into a White dinner jacket to compliment his bride for a night of romance, kisses and video shots of their event. To top the night off, the couple then changed clothes one last time. You know what they say Third time is a charm and Andita made a statement by changing to Dress # 3 and with George baring no jacket but his suspenders they showed the guest that they were now ready to DANCE the night awayyyyy.

But nothing beats the intimacy level brought on their day. With many laughs, kisses, hugs, all that put together in one room showed that God's Love was in the building. This couple carried such an elaborate style to their event, May God Bless Andita and George on this Journey of Love with Many Many Many Years.
To the Couple-Jenny

Vendors for the Day

Photographer: Tim Ryan Smith
Videographer: Dideo Films
Florist: Patrick of City Iris
Ceremony and Reception: Chateau Briand

Here is a clip of the video

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Such great class and style. Love it!