Saturday, August 16, 2014

Darling! This Shower Royal like our Coco Shanelle

'Darling' a word that Shanelle always addressed her loved ones with. In 2011, as we made a trip to coordinate a wedding. Shanelle pulled out her GPS which she called "Audrey" and I asked 'who's Audrey?' she said 'Audrey Hepburn one of her favorite actress' from then on everywhere we would go she had that GPS 'Audrey' with us so I became familiarized with the actress. In 2012, a day with Shanelle and Shamiah I was first introduced to the store Tiffany's I've heard of it but never been in the actual store.  This was one of Shanelle's favorite jewelry stores.  She took me to every floor including the 3rd floor which was the engagement rings and for fun we tried on some engagement rings and look she is now engaged and how excited I was to share this moment with her that gave me inspiration on planning her bridal shower on the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme”.

I was given the pleasure and duty of planning Shanelle’s bridal shower with her lovely bridesmaids. We wanted it to be spectacular so we didn't hold back.  We had to find the perfect location to host this gal’s event and The Dumbo Spot Loft fit the theme!

Now, this event was a surprise for our little bride so had to keep her fiancĂ© informed to keep Shanelle under wraps.  We requested from all of the guests to wear their little black dresses, pearls and accessories to match the style of our theme. And what's a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' bridal shower without gifts from Tiffany's as you can see from the photos taken by James Hippolyte of Lyte Photography.  As Shanelle walked in, her face lit up with great joy.  She thoroughly greeted each guest including Yasmin the caterer along with her staff and she was like a kid running around.  She loved everything and expressed to me throughout the event and I knew this was a job well done for darling Shanelle!  

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