Saturday, October 11, 2014

Part 1 The Planner Becomes the Bride. Dreams Do Come True...

This blog is rather personal to me because you get a direct inside look of my wedding.  For a woman that has planned so many weddings for her clients, it was finally my time to shine.  Just like every bride I had a visionary board, my handsome fiancé, my right girl Shamiah by my side and tons of support.  I apologize in advance for the length of this blog but I want you to receive the experience.  During the week of the proposal, I took some time out to spend with the Lord in prayer.  I wanted a clear direction of when and how this wedding should be planned.  The theme was easy so I went with a “Family Uniting”.  We chose many elements of trees because it has strength and it is difficult to break because it is deeply embedded from the roots.  So our family (Derrell my fiancé and my daughter Shamiah) were to become an unbreakable force to be reckoned with once the Lord unites this family on October 11, 2014. 

Being a planner, I have an extensive list of talented vendors that became challenging to choose.  Now, the question I would get from many “who is going to plan your wedding”?  I actually knew for a long time but I needed to wait for the day to come.  Jenny Dolcine was the person who knows me inside out.  She knows what makes me fuel and what I would do in a time of crisis.  She is dependable, reliable and just as passionate about weddings and clients like me.  I knew she would have my best interest at heart when it came to my wedding. 

For the engagement photos I’ve always envisioned Joshua Dwain due to his creative eye and Natasha Denis to beat my face and GStar to have my hair glow. 

Those who know me, know that I am a stickler for details.  I go over every bit of information with my brides that they would never think of so this wedding would be no different even with a few surprises “The Hot Seat”, LOL if you were there you would know what happened! 

We chose to incorporate tree stumps, a drawing of a tree and our wedding colors that symbolized each one of our favorite colors. Patrick Martinez (my floral stylist) oozed over the ideas and he turned my dream into a reality and let’s not forget Patrick helping me with the purchase of my lace Pronovias dress that was exquisite.  My Dream Team of vendors was not complete until I had Jose Reyes to photograph our wedding (he knows I love my details), Andy of Kiss the Bride Films (to record every touching moment), Starr Blackshere (that had my face looking extra beautiful, Joel of Time Studio styled my hair to give that sultry sexy look, Kern of Diverse Entertainment (to keep the music flowing) Emissary aka Lawrence Coles III (to keep my guests entertained), Erin of DFMI Designs (designed our invitations), Shakoor of Sweet Tooth Bakery that prepared our delicious sweet potato pie favors, sweet sultry sounds from Silvio Delis Jr., Genobia Delis and Dave James.  Where would we be able to such an event, other than at the beautiful Liberty House. The views are so captivating and it was the best venue for Derrell, myself and Shamiah of unity this family before God.   It was also a blessing to have some of my past clients there to share in the experience.  Seeing them all made my heart rejoice.

Now, I take this time to acknowledge my ICS team Manuel, Jenny, Rochelle, Normel, Cynthia, Lizette, Jeremy, Monita, Julissa, Mandy, Lekan, Shamiah and James.  You have all been such a blessing to me and I thank you all for supporting my career and my dreams.  You have each sown so much into my life and I hope I have done the same for you. Thank you all for the many years of success and the continued support in the future.  I love you all!

Now, for my audience you will hear from Jenny and Rochelle of their experiences of planning a “Planner Turned Bride’s Wedding”.  Was it easy or a living nightmare???  LOL.  Go to Wedding Planner Turned Bride Part 2 to see all of our photos and the ladies view of the wedding.

Jenny spent the night with me and she had me at the wedding party on point!

Starr Blackshere had made me look beautiful and the wedding team

Joel styled all of our hairdos to the tee! Looking hot girls!

Jenny was on the phone checking on the venue with Rochelle while Shamiah blow kisses!

Work those hands dream team, work those hands!

Yes Hunny I was feeling myself!

See Manny couldn't control himself by working today when he is supposed to be a groomsmen!

Lekan and Manny were of the male squad helping the best man Armand (Erdley I see you back there)

Rain, I don't care. Hey Alex!  I see you there so I wanted to shout it out!!!

The perfect vocalist Dave James and Genobia while Silvio was on the keys

Manny, Julissa and her sister at the cocktail reception

My boy James and his wife hanging with Dave.  Is that a camera I see James!  LOL.

I wanted Jenny to lead the wedding party and she worked that dress

This photo here with Manny and Lekan gives me life!!!

Emissary aka Lawrence Coles III was the best choice for an MC.  So personable and entertaining

Kern of Diverse Entertainment.  You are one of best entertainment companies I know.  You are so organized and the music mixes are hot. I thank you for your love and support.

Jenny and Rochelle we always do the Wobble at every wedding

Joshua and his wife Anyeka.  He shot our Family Shot because I wanted them to come as guests today

Stephen and Normel.  Normel was working with ICS in the beginning.  Always had my back and supported the company.  Love you girly!!

This picture right here of my Lead Coordinators enjoying the wedding by my side!

Some of my past clients came to celebrate with me today!  I love you all and thank you for your friendship throughout these years

Mandy my girl.  You have always supported my dream and helped me out with many events! I love you

The Liberty House Staff was on point and the food was delicious. We still hear raves of the food

Alex we love your energy and flavor. Thank you for documenting the wedding with Jose.  I loved working with you throughout the years!

Jose Reyes our photographer and friend.  From the time I told you I was engaged you were super excited and I saw no one else but you to shoot the wedding day.  I thank God for our relationship and for your talent. Thank you for an amazing day!  We love you!

Jenny and Rochelle I can not thank you enough for making the wedding of our dreams. As I've told many God connects you with the right people and this is definitely a God deserved relationship I have with you both.  I love you both and thank you for all that you have done and my surprise wedding gifts. We are so blessed to have you both!

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